Quality Control

LSMI can assist in all aspects of quality assurance and quality control planning. Our personnel have over two decades of experience in creating quality assurance plans for the governmental and commercial sectors, as well as creating objectives and metrics to assure continuous business improvement.  We have technology and systems in place that can be utilized to assist with all aspects of performance of quality control review.

Liberty Systems will assist with:

  • Creation of customized Quality Assurance/Quality Control Plans that are in compliance with client goals
  • Identifying and establishing objectives and creation of performance measures to ensure continuous process improvement
  • Establishment, measurement and management of performance benchmarks
  • Cost-Effective strategies for positive change
  • Performing quality control on a monthly/quarterly basis, or  as needed
  • Creation of monthly/quarterly independent Quality Control Review Reports, identifying process or functional areas that are not meeting agreed-upon performance measures; recommendations for corrective action and/or follow up strategies for improvement
  • Customizing current technology and in-place systems to meet client needs for quality control